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Aurignacienne qui dessine des chevaux

Bessèges, France, 2023, 12 x 12 m
For the association MIAOU en Cévennes
Further information on Przewalski’s horses from the association Takh

The mural features an Aurignacian woman (our ancestors from the Ardèche region at the time of the Chauvet cave) trying to draw horses.
I wanted to talk about the connection between man and horse since the dawn of time.
I also wanted to talk about prehistoric women. Perhaps they also took part in artistic activities. Today, anthropologists are trying to free themselves from the cognitive biases of a patriarchal society and to restore a different image of women in those times.
I wanted to talk about the ability to observe nature, which enabled Aurignacians to depict such vivid animals, and which today gives us the keys to understanding them better.
I wanted to talk about the desire of the painters of the time to represent not just a simple image, but the essence of the wild horse (in perpetual motion, in an almost shamanic attempt to capture the spirits).
Finally, to talk about this inertia that drives us to make walls talk from one side of the planet to the other, with charcoal, pigments, rollers, bombs, engravings, brushes, stencils … and that is far from stopping.
A nod to the Cevennes National Park and the Takh association‘s super project to preserve and study Przewalski’s horses, a breed of prehistoric horse that almost became extinct.
It’s a mural about my first great passion: horses.

Légende: peinture de Antrocles et le lion

Androcles et le Lion
Sant’Angelo, Viterbo, Italia, 5 x 8 m
For the project “Sant’angelo paese delle Fiabe

This is a revisitation of the story of Androcles and the Lion. This is Santangello’s first mythological fresco.
The story tells how a slave, Androcles, escapes and meets a lion in the woods. The lion has a thorn in its paw and asks Androcles for help. After removing the thorn, Androcle and the lion take refuge together. Later, guards find them and imprison them. Some time later, the characters find themselves in the gladiatorial arena, forced to fight, but when they recognize each other, instead of wrestling, they embrace. Taken aback, the judges decide to set them free.
Androcles’ story is about non-violence. We can gain much more by helping each other, by relying on friendship and love.
By taking off his armor and helmet, Androcle makes himself more vulnerable, but ultimately stronger and braver.
Having grown up with horses, for me, a human/animal (and human/human for that matter) relationship based on care and trust will go much further than one based on struggle and domination.
The flower pictured here is Yarrow, a plant with healing properties, a symbol of courage and healing.

Mains et olives

Stornara, Italia, 2023, 2.5 x 4 m
Ephemeral work, Theme “Agriculture”

Fresque murale mésanges

The link
Argelès sur Mer, France, 2024, 2.5 x 3 m (x3)
For the Festival URB’ART

Wall for Urb’art, a festival organized by the town hall of @ville_argeles_sur_mer thanks to the great energy of Doriane and Jean Marc.
When I saw that the theme was the Mediterranean, I knew it was a theme that particularly touched me, because I feel Mediterranean.
I decided not to talk about the sea per se, but rather about the shores it unites, its atmosphere and its vegetation, common to all the peoples living around it.
The Mediterranean should be a link, not a frontier where so many people lose their lives.
So I chose to depict one of the symbols of this part of the globe: the olive tree, a symbol of peace, and through it to rekindle notions of fraternity between Mediterranean people, sensitive to the same poetry.
A poem to bring us closer to our brothers and sisters, Mediterranean from Greece or Tetuan, Mediterranean from Sicily or Gaza, Mediterranean from Egypt, Croatia, Argelès or Mallorca…

A poem to remind us that the Mediterranean should be a bond. To remember that we all grew up with the smell of jasmine, that we know how to savor the softness of the summer sunlight between the leaves, that you tasted your skin after coming out of the sea and it tasted of salt, that you felt the midday sun break on your neck, that as a child you played barefoot under the olive trees between the birds… We are Mediterranean.
And as old Pierre Fran used to sing: “and maybe one day the perfume of the maquis, like in the old days, will flood me and carry me in its arms, and maybe one day I’ll see the sea again, the blue waves and the boats in the cove of Peraldo…”.
Thanks to the people of Argelès for their warm welcome, to my neighbor Aline, to my camp mates for the good atmosphere and to @rzsalma for the brainstorming. 😉

My father’s horses (and my mother’s castle)
Chalap, France, 2024, 6 x 9 m
Private commission

Between the light and shadow of the trees on the paths of the Cévennes, we can sometimes discern the imprints of freedom left by certain passers-by. Traces that defy time, a whisper of the ancients, which like poetry comes to rest on the ears of those who take the time to listen

The Third Caravan of Migrant Muralists: Honduras, El Salvador

The themes of the caravan were: “saving the Lempa River” and “preventing violence against women and girls”.
It was an intense and incredible three weeks.
Thanks to all the team and organizers, and to the Mancomunidad Trinacional Fronteriza Rio Lempa 

deux fresques dans un marché un homme et une femme

Raices sin Olvido, Semillas sin Fronteras
Ocotepeque Market, Honduras, 2023
Collaboration with Denis Berrios

During the second week of the Caravana de Muralistas Migrantes, I collaborated with Denis Berrios in the heart of the Ocotepeque market.
We depicted a migrant man, with his house as a backpack, carrying seeds from his land (corn and beans) and his roots torn from the earth. The seeds have sprouted and travelled to the heart in his hand to connect with the other mural.
On the right, I painted a woman looking at the migrant with kindness and nostalgia, the loroco plant growing around her, a plant very common in Honduran markets and food. The bouquets also connect with her heart.
As Denis’ motto says, “we are all migrants” and we can understand the pain of leaving behind those we love, or the nostalgia of thinking of those who have left in search of a better life. Hospitality towards others is a way of connecting heart to heart. Ocotepeque lies on the migrant route heading north. Every day, an average of 6,000 people pass through here…..

I’m grateful for this beautiful experience of painting in the market. It was very nice to share with everyone, and I met some very kind and generous people.

Fresque femme dans un marché

Raices sin Olvido, Semillas sin Fronteras
Ocotepeque Market, Honduras, 2023

La fille et le héron

La Nina y la Garza ou la Jeune Fille et le Héron
Candelaria de la Frontera, El Salvador, 2023, 4 x 2,5 m.

The heron symbolizes the nature of the Lempa River: it has a palm wing and its feet want to become mangrove roots. Its body is made of izote flowers, El Salvador’s national flower…
What does the heron say to the Salvadoran girl, or the girl to the heron?
If you could communicate with the river that gives life to your universe, what would it talk about?

La coupure

El Corte ou La Rupture
San Marcos de Ocotepeque, Honduras, 2023, 4,5 x 5,5 m.

Preventing violence means understanding that physical violence comes after psychological and emotional abuse.
Psychological and emotional abuse are forms of violence that are harder for victims to understand, and therefore harder to recognize, stop and report.
The various facets of psychological abuse disorientate victims, who begin to isolate themselves and lose their self-esteem, self-confidence and self-respect. Victims will find it increasingly difficult to understand what abuse is, and to believe that it’s normal to put up with it.
This means that breaking a violent relationship can be very difficult, and requires courage and help. Breaking the violent bond is essential to healing and finding one’s own light.
Psychological violence in our society is more common than we see or believe. It’s essential to talk about it to reduce it and prevent other types of violence, because it will always increase.
Loving too much is dangerous.
Emotional and psychological violence is already violence, not a step backwards.

Marocaine fresque murale

The House of Happiness
Rabat, Morocco, 2024, 2 x 10 m
Private commission

Improvised collaboration with @rassanefadili @rzsalma and @fennoha in Rabat with @ikkimahna et @khatib.nour .
We paint, we rework, we paint, we garden, there’s a jasmine, ants, big trees, we drink mint tea, we think, we improvise, we let ourselves be carried by the moment, we pick up the brushes again, the children participate, the dogs have a blast, a little almond cake? Aunts come to chat, friends drop by, the music starts, the lights come up… It’s a house of happiness.
Thank you all for these wonderful moments ❤️🇲🇦❤️ 

Mural d'une femme

Tulum, Mexico, 2024, 4 m x 2.6 m
Private commission for the restaurant Kalusa

Le Hibou et le Renard
Chouilly, Champagne, France, 2023
Private commission

Guardian of the Morgods’ magical workshop, the owl brings us time to focus on what can come out when we let our wildest, most wonderful dreams come out of our overactive imaginations.

3 femmes dans une cave de champagne

Chouilly, Champagne, France, 2023, 3 x 6 m
Interior decoration for the cellar of “Champagne Juliette Petret

Vignes peintes dans le pressoir Michel Vol

Le Pressoir
Chouilly, Champagne, France, 2023, 3 x 15 m
Interior decoration for Champagne Michel Vol

Le coyote de Méditerranée o la Vulpe
Stornara, Italia, 2022, 3.5 x 9 m
For the festival Stramurales in Stornara , theme “Liberta”

The fox is the coyote of the Mediterranean. It roams the “macchia”, the meadows. Its fur takes on the scent of wild plants and its eyes are filled with a thirst for freedom. The fox doesn’t stop at fences or gates, like many souls balancing on borders.
He represents the daisy, Italy’s national flower. The olive and laurel, emblematic of the Mediterranean, the oak for its strength, the sativa oat for its particular way of dispersing seeds (it also catches the fox to plant itself on the other side of the field, avoiding the genetic impoverishment of the species) and the opium for having a flower that loses its petals when cut, because its beauty is only admired when it’s alive and free.

Thanks to Alaniz for inviting me and believing in me. Thanks to Stramurales for giving me this opportunity.

Une fille avec 2 oiseaux Aganis

El Abrazo de las Garzas Agamis
Stornara, Italia, 2023, 4 x 6 m
For the festival Stramurales à Stornara theme “Desperate World”

Or how poetry saves the world.
The Agami is a magnificent Latin American heron, yet it’s in danger of extinction.
Preserving nature and species from extinction means preserving the beauty and poetry of our world.
Who hasn’t let himself be carried away for a moment by his worries, admiring a flight, colors or listening to a bird’s song? Who hasn’t found peace?
Poetry, beauty and art can save the world, and this light of hope is in our hands.
Thanks to Liz, my friend and admirable woman 😘 who has been my role model.

La fille et le sablier

Las Arenas del Tiempo
Collaboration with Alaniz
Holbox, Mexico, 2023, 3.5 x 6 m

This mural is a reflection on time. Painted on Holbox, a sandy island where you can move between sky and sea without thinking about the passing hours, taking refuge in the only moment you find yourself in: the present. Thanks to the owners for trusting us to paint this fresco. Collaboration with Alaniz and based on a photo by Carol Yarrow (check out her work on indigenous peoples).

Fresque murale, Mural Recuerdos de una infancia en la playa Tulum Margot

Recuerdos de una enfancia en la playa
Tulum, Mexico, 2023, 3 x 10 m

Le Jaguar

The Jaguar
Collaboration with Alaniz
Tulum, Mexico, 2022, 3 x 15 m

“I imagined the first morning of time, I imagined my God entrusting the message to the living skin of jaguars who would love and beget each other endlessly, in caves [cenotes edla], in reed beds, on islands for the last men to receive it.”

Just as in the story by Jorge Luis Borges, the jaguar’s spots hid the message of God, in our mural, swimming in a river of destruction and greed, these spots are transformed into the message of a God who could be the God of men: money.

Today, the great king of the American jungles is on the brink of extinction. In Mexico, the vast majority of jaguars live in the Yucatan Peninsula, which is why these lands are of paramount importance for the feline’s preservation.

Unfortunately, the jungle and cenotes are being devastated for money. To keep the jaguar and the message of the gods intact, let’s preserve their habitat.

Collaboration with Alaniz
Holbox, Mexico, 2023, 2 murals 10.5 x 5.5
For the hotel PISCIS

We were asked to do something related to the sign of Pisces. We decided to create two women, one sinking into the depths of the ocean, the other appearing on the surface, inspired by the symbol of the astrological sign, but also by the perpetual cycle of life where sometimes you have to touch the bottom to find the light.
It took 3 weeks of hard work, but we’re very happy with the result.

Femme dans un bateau avec des ailes sur la tête

La Guardiana de las Lagunas
Tulum, Mexico, 2023, 3.5 x 4 m
Interior decoration for Aldea Yaaxlum

Femme montrant son coeur

Ciel Rose
Tulum, Mexico, 2022, 1.5 x 4 m
Hotel Restaurant Puro Corazon

Femme maya dans la jungle

Milpa Mexicana
Collaboration with Alaniz
Tulum, Mexico, 2022, 3.5 x 9 m
Restaurant TropiQ

Mexico bleeds with every murdered activist, with every missing student, with every endangered species. It bleeds with every person discriminated against because of the color of their skin, with every corrupt policeman, with every shooting that claims a victim. It bleeds in every village that runs out of water because a company takes it, with every child who suffers from hunger and malnutrition, in the organized cartels and the politicians who participate in them. In its subjugated indigenous populations, the modern slaves of unbridled development. And yet, while they bleed, their wealth is so abundant that it will not fall, their patrimony is so rich that it will not bend, and mothers continue to defend their lands, and workers continue to rise early to feed their families, even if their wages are too low.
Mexico fights, like Zapata or Villas, against invincible enemies, despite betrayals, despite defeats, Mexico stands tall and does not give up.

Femme maya avec des fleurs

Mujer de las Bugambilias
Collaboration with Alaniz
Holbox, Mexico, 2022, 6 x 4 m
For Villas Caracol

A welcoming Mayan woman appears among the bougainvillea. She has the look of a mother, of gentleness, a heart that loves good and beautiful.
She takes me back to the welcome I received in these Mayan lands. In the heart of a people who have suffered wars and colonizations, but who, if you go to their villages, still have a soul that loves its land and sea, proud of its traditions and legends, kind and friendly.

Femme dans l'eau

Collaboration with Alaniz and Lucia Revilla
Tulum, Mexico, 2023, 11.5 x 7 m

This wall was created as a reminder of the ecocide taking place in Tulum, Mexico. A place that originally seemed like a natural paradise is losing its magic to unplanned development. This wall is dedicated to the paradise that once existed, and to the people who had to leave.
Living in a place that is such a popular tourist destination, it’s easy to become part of the problem, as we allow ourselves to be carried away by the dynamics of supply and demand, without social or ecological conscience, and we participate in its destruction.
The woman asleep in the cenote is a personification of Tulum. She died from the apple of uncontrolled capitalism and lies begging for help in the midst of her addictions.

About me

Margot is a self-taught French mural artist born in Grasse in 1990.

She worked in equestrian tourism from a very young age. She moved to Mexico in 2015 where she became a naturalist guide.

Her passion for nature and animal species is reflected in her first mural dedicated to a puma killed in a car accident in Tulum (Mexico) where she lives.

Since then, she has rapidly developed her technique. She participated in festivals and artistic residencies in France and Italy, always seeking to improve while remaining in line with her humanist and naturalist vision.

These murals aim is to be accessible to all, but also to encourage reflections that can be explored at different levels.

She mainly uses the roller and the brush.


Other services

Children workshops

Enfants peignant un Margay

Le Margay
Creation of a large mural in the school of  Saint Julien de Cassagnas.
Saint Julien de Cassagnas, France, 2023
Organized by MIAOU en Cévennes. Educational work in partnership with teachers.
70 children participated in the production over the course of 1 week.

Enfants réalisant la fresque de l'écureuil

Gagnières, France, 2023
Achievement over 1 day. Organized by the association MIAOU en Cévennes à Gagnières.
10 children participated in the production.

Interior decoration

The Jaguar
Merida, Mexique, 2024, 4,5 x 4,5 m

Private commission
Interior decoration

Fresque de Vespas dans un garage

Vespas in a Garage
Tulum, Mexique, 2023
Interior decoration

La niña de los lobos
Artizen, Tulum, Mexico, 2023, 2 x 3 m
Interior decoration

Le Zèbre
Chouilly, France, 2022
Interior decoration

Cannes, France, 2022, 2 x 1.5 m
Interior decoration

Peinture d'un éléphant Décoration intérieure

Pliny says of them (in Dr. Francisco Hernández’s version):
“The elephant is the animal closest to the human senses, for it understands the language of its country, obeys its superior and remembers the trades it learns; it loves love and honor and, something found in few men, is capable of kindness, prudence and justice. They recognize the stars as deities and worship the sun and moon.
 Some authors write that herds descend into the forests of Mauritania, at the time of the new moon, to a river called Amilo, and that there, purified, they sprinkle themselves with solemnity, and that after having thus worshipped this planet, they return to the mountains, carrying before them the youngest, whom they understand to be tired”.
The elephant is the creator and ruler of the world. In the Jungle Book, it is he who enforces the truce of the waters and the balance that establishes the law of the jungle. He is revered in many cultures.
He carries the delicious monstera, a symbol of balance and harmony, and the fern, a primitive plant that is the origin of time.
He also carries two herons. In Egyptian mythology, the heron corresponds to the hieroglyph “Bennu”, later associated with the phoenix bird of the Greeks. The heron represents immortality, vital regeneration, the end and the beginning, and is associated with the flooding of the Nile.
This year, southern Europe has been marked by low rainfall and a lack of water.
May the water truce begin, and may the elephant never be absent to witness it.


Tableau d'une femme douce forteresse d'une âme pillée

Gentle fortress of a plundered soul
Acrylics on canvas, 2023, 95×60 cm

This painting was donated for the solidarity auction on

This painting speaks of the beauty and tenderness of rebuilding and caring for oneself after suffering. It speaks of the courage to take care of oneself instead of attacking.
It speaks of the fact that if each and every one of us healed our wounds, the world would be a much more beautiful place. is being talked about in the media

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